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Dual-Density Orthotic (Level Base)



Usually prescribed to accommodate the insensate diabetic foot, these orthotics provide increased shock absorption and redistributes pressure away from lesions. They are accommodative only, but are ideal for patients with sensitive skin and ulceration due to diabetes or lack of sensation in the feet.

  • 1/8" Blue EVA 50 Shore A Base
  • 1/8" Pink Plastazote 15 Shore A Top Cover
Size XS: Women (5-7.5)
Size S: Women (8-9.5); Men (6-7.5)
Size M: Women (10-11.5); Men (8-9.5)
Size L: Women (12-12.5); Men (10-10.5)
Size XL: Women (13+); Men (11-13.5)
Size XXL: Men (14+)