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  • May 06-07, 12 CEU SEMINAR (Overland Park, KS)

May 06-07, 12 CEU SEMINAR (Overland Park, KS)

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Brian Jensen, DC & Erin Stubblefield, DC – CE Provided by Cleveland University-Kansas City
The Neurology of the Changing Brain with Insight into Transgender Healthcare

What you’ll learn:
•    Explore the relationship between the adaptive neurological responses when exposed to environmental and subconscious stimuli and the effect it has on physical, emotional and physiological responses.
•    A practical clinical approach to the complex challenges we face in this current environment of super stress. 
•    How to evaluate and treat the patient relative to: Adaptive Neurological Responses, Postural Integrity and Functional Movement.
•    Get hands on experience related to patient assessment, treatment and rehabilitation which can be easily incorporated into practice.
•    How chiropractic can be a premier provider for the transgender community
•    Lean about relevant history, current terminology, office policies, and patient encounter considerations that will support the Transgender community.