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  • November 11-12, 12 CEU SEMINAR (Atlanta, GA)

November 11-12, 12 CEU SEMINAR (Atlanta, GA)

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Saturday 12pm-6pm & Sunday 8am-2pm

Dr. Jeff McKinley & Dr. Dan Davidson – CE Provided by Logan University
Keeping Life and Stress in Balance: Here’s What Really Matters

What you’ll learn:
•    Learn the key role the vagus nerves play in overall health with research review of chiropractic’s effect on the autonomic nervous system
•    Clinical review of balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic responses and patient strategies for building stress resilience through neuroplasticity to effectively balance stress
•    Patient protocols of simple movement exercises for home self-care and focus on the “flow motion effect” in joints, discs, muscle and fascia to understand how motion is healing
•    Research updates on the importance of the enteric nervous system and discuss a practical gut booster plan for patients to enhance the microbiome for Brain-Gut wellness
•    How to create a more efficient examination system, establish effective treatment protocols, and become a more confident provider
•    Demonstrate powerful correlation of orthopedic, biomechanics, x-ray, and posture exams
•    Invigorate your biomechanical exam and give more purpose to your x-ray evaluation


**We applied to the following states for CE approval: GA, AL, FL, SC, NC. This does not guarantee CE approval. Please call the sponsoring college to verify CE approval.